Music lessons that get results, since 1971

Learning Should be FUN

Play by ear. Read music. Have fun!

Learning music should be FUN! It’s just not that big a deal! This is a unique approach that really WORKS.  Whether you’re 4 years old or 84, have FUN from the start!

You know, when we were children, we learned to speak before we learned to read and write.  So we do the same for music. We play first and enjoy it!

The only job is to make sure you are having fun. Then you’ll do the rest!

Music study helps people young and old to overcome shyness and build confidence. It empowers them as they refine their special talents.

SONG Lab...make your OWN music


Whether you once took piano or voice lessons or are just starting out, this will forever change how you listen to music! We set students on a path to have fun with music, not bury them in details.

That said, when you learn to read and write music, you’ll be far ahead of those who don’t. You will be able to capture your own musical ideas, communicate your ideas with other musicians and play tremendous music by other people: classical, rock, standards or anything at all.

Music is not like sports. There doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser.

Call Randy at (248) 561-5176. Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

This a music education system customized to the individual student since 1971.  Our goal for you? Just sit down and play. Or sing. For yourself, for others, for the fun of it!

My credentials?
Royal Conservatory of Toronto
Queens University Music Education courses
Professional musician and teacher my whole life
Toured nationally with Motown acts
Session musician, producer, musical director
Performed music around the world
and, most of all…I love to teach.

A keyboard should be an irresistible invitation, not an formidable barrier.

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Our recording space

Recording is a big part of learning music.  It is an invaluable tool to find out how you sound-and great fun too. The Semper studio has a tremendous live-sounding acoustic space with 16’ ceilings acoustic ceiling and a thick theatrical drape. It is an audio cocoon,  completely set up for digital recording of live performances.

What you will learn with The Semper Method:

Whether you take piano lessons or voice or are working on your performance skills, to accomplish your goals, these are some of the things you will need to learn, from me or anyone else. We have assignments and monitor progress as we go.

The Elements of any music:

Melody ~ Harmony ~ Rhythm ~ Form ~ Soul

Our method: Listen, Sing, Play, Clap, Read, Write

  • First, you always listen.

  • You learn where the notes are.

  • Then play all the scales, so we have fingering to move about the keyboard with ease.

  • From the scales, you learn the intervals that make them up- i.e. the intervals of a major scale are TTS-TTTS from any starting note.

  • Then you can see what a second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and octave look like.

  • From here we construct chords, the harmony that supports the melody

  • Now you can practice ear training, knowing what the intervals and chords sound like.

  • By this point, you are more fluent at understanding melodies you hear. You are listening with different ears, not just hearing the music.

  • Practice reading all sorts of music that you like: this develops versatility-and is great fun

  • Always practice singing everything you play, so you hear the melody in your head.

  • All through our study you will clap different patterns with a metronome (free phone app) so that you develop that impeccable sense of time. (Sorry, but the old-school metronomes are all inaccurate. Must use digital here.)

You will also learn:

  • The significance of fingering and have an appreciable amount of dexterity on all the scales, with correct fingering. (the Brown scale book)

  • Good independence, right/left

  • Excellent relative pitch; retain the correlation between the vocal muscles and the vibration required to recreate the pitch.

  • A very accurate sense of time. We will refine this to a high level. Then relax it to include the pocket, the groove, the soul of the piece

  • A solid work ethic, as you seek and find deeper involvement in music


You will be able to hear a melody, know what the chords are, find the root,  jot down a chord chart, fill in the melody and play it. You will be able to hear and capture the emotion of a piece.

Best of all, you will know how to improvise an accompaniment to your melody line, in a most intuitive and fluid musical fashion. You will be able to open almost any music and read it as well. Sight reading of reasonable material is important. It takes some practice but yields great results.

The end result is you can hear almost any song and re-create your own version of it or get the music and read it accurately. Either way, you will not merely reproduce it mechanically. You will be able to interpret many kinds of music with soul, with feeling. You will identify, capture and convey the emotion. It will enrich your life and those of anyone who hears you play.

A keyboard should be an irresistible invitation, not an formidable barrier.


Taking people out of their comfort zone is the path to growth.

If a seed had remained a seed, you couldn’t wiggle your toes in the grass.

We rescue sad pianos!

In the Detroit Metro area alone, there are thousands of unwanted pianos. We rescue them from a lonely life, resigned to growing dusty in silence.

Many children who were taught rigid, reading-based methods had little fun and most talked their weary parents into letting them quit. The parents never had any fun either.

So the pianos and the electronic keyboards for the most part sit quietly, unattended except for regular dusting. They are a bit of shiny furniture, a monument to all the life and laughter that could have been.

No way we have sad pianos around here!

Studios are centrally located in Troy and Beverly Hills Michigan, in Metro Detroit, with easy access to major freeways.

If this approach makes sense, tell me more about the musical goals you have for you or your child. Just give me a call and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.
(248) 561-5176 Or you can email me and tell me a good time to call.

I am easy to get to, from areas such as Troy, Rochester, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Sterling Heights, Southfield, Royal Oak, Beverly Hills and Grosse Pointe.

Randy’s Bio

RANDY LEIPNIK     Musician / Producer / Teacher

Canadian born, Randy has made his life in music since 1969. He studied music performance throughout school, with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto and Music Education at Queens University. He has played, arranged and conducted music on cruise ships all over the world.


1971 – present:  Professional Musician, Musical Director, Music Teacher

Toured the world as musician and MD; national acts. Studied music in a wide variety of cultures.

Produced a wide assortment of recordings, in the studio and on location.

Key Achievements

  • Created a unique method to play by ear “The Semper Method”

  • published a unique ear-training book by Motown legend Joe Messina

  • Improvised / played by ear from childhood; learned to swing, rock and sell a performance

  • 10 years study with The Royal Conservatory of Toronto

  • Taught a year of string program in high school before graduating from high school

  • Acquired a deep sense of how to reach people emotionally, using music and other media

  • Mentored many young people along positive musical paths


1984–present: owner, Semper Media Group, Troy, Michigan

Media Production

Twenty years music and video production in studio and on location: music performance, music production, spoken word, sound design, location audio recordings, audio post-production.

Key Achievements

  • Audio post-production and sound design for a documentary that sparked a     controversial episode of Dateline NBC

  • Provided content for network broadcast including Gatorade Replay on FSN

  • Supervised and directed an educational music video with almost 10 million hits online

  • Client list at


Improvisation. Constant innovation. Superb customer service. Active listening. Good questions. Inspire teams to be focused and productive. Constantly refine and exceed expectations.



1969 -1970 Queens University at Kingston: Music Education

1970 -present  Continued to study music and production on the job

1960-1969 Royal Conservatory of Toronto: private piano study


Logic Pro, Sound Forge, Adobe Creative Suite, (including Premiere) Acrobat; FTP utilities, Google Apps, OpenOffice, MS Office, Highrise, WordPress, QuickBooks;  PC, Mac & mobile

  • references available upon request

Performing Credits

Randy has performed with many artists such as The Four Aces, The Inkspots, The Diamonds, Gaylord & Holiday, The Velvelettes, The Contours, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Mary Wells, Lou Christie, Ziggy Elmer and Meredith Wilson. He also spent several years with Eddie Kendrick, David Ruffin and Dennis Edwards of The Temptations.

With the above acts, Randy has performed on the same bill as David Clayton-Thomas/Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Mamas and the Papas, The Stylistics, The Main Ingredient, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, Jay and the Americans, The Delphonics, The Marvellettes, Jerry Butler, The Laredos, The Dramatics, Junior Walker & The All Stars, The Four Tops, Mary Wilson & The Supremes, Gary U.S. Bonds, The Soul Survivors, The Crickets, Billy Eckstein, Ben. E. King, Dion, Franki Valli & The Four Seasons, The Platters, The Righteous Brothers and many others.

Selected Discography

  • “Nonsense on the Mainland” (2013) classic rock from the Aaron Vaughn Band

  • “Defiable Doubt” Songs about one man’s search for faith by Trevor Noonan

  • “I Have a Little Shadow” Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson set to music and sung by Steve Klaper

  • “The Music of Edward Gluklick” modern classical piano compositions performed by acclaimed Canadian Margaret Kapasi. Recorded at the University of Windsor

  • “The Shtetl” Edward Gluklick / Margaret Kapasi

  • “Volume Three” Edward Gluklick / Margaret Kapasi

  • “Fingerprints” an imaginative series of orchestral impressions from composer Paul     Burns.

  • “Gotta Start Somewhere” straight ahead guitar rock in unique style by Aaron Vaughn.

  • “Forget     The Fortune, Eat The Cookie” original jazz improvisations from alto clarinetist Marvin Kahn with pianist Keith Vreeland. Marvin’s first CD, a mere fifty-seven years after a record deal with MCA for his swinging big band.

  • “Heartfelt” – the debut recording of Paul Burns. Rich textured & relaxing orchestral synth work.

  • “Astral     Dream” modern jazz originals from Canada’s Cameron Weir. Adventurous style similar to Dolphy/Mingus.

  • “Messina & Friends” swinging chromatic harmonica from Joe Messina, the legendary Motown session guitarist and Funk Brother

  • “Mystery Manuel” jazz originals from drummer Rob Emanuel.

  • “Messina Madness” Joe’s first CD. Jazzy originals on harmonica with a guest spot by Marcus Belgrave.

  • “Home     For The Holidays” a cappella Christmas music, modern and traditional, from The Authentic Dickens Carolers.

  • “In Jesus’ Name” traditional Gospel from The Voices Of Glory, live     from Burnette Baptist Church in Detroit, MI.

  • “Special Blend” Contemporary Christian music from the group of the same     name.

  • “Journey To The Sun” an eclectic and moving album of poetry accompanied by music and sound effects from Cameron Weir.

  • “Weir’d” the first recording by Cameron Weir. Modern Jazz originals.

  • “The Stories Of Edward Dolan” the art of the Irish storyteller, a most charming and witty collection selected from the late Mr. Dolan’s warm and wise perspective on the human condition.

  • “Udu Magic” music of the Udu drums of Nigeria as well as other African skins, clay and wood played by Steve Goldstein and Mike Adams.

  • “Jack M., A Musical Story” rock and roll with a powerful message about addiction and the perils of life on the street.

  • “A Night Out” Contemporary Jazz from Uno, fusion artist from Estonia recorded at Semper

  • Crystal     Onyx – The video footage and music recorded on our January 2000 expedition to this great cave in Kentucky. Music of a rare and most beautiful nature played on the stalactites. A life-changing experience on 10, 000 year-old instruments.

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