Can you sing Happy Birthday? Just listen…

Can you sing Happy Birthday? Just listen…

This is about Erica, Sophia and Diana who all did something amazing today!

Most people just “hear” music. Students of music actively listen to music in a different way. This allows them to do amazing things. Yesterday was a banner day for listening with The Semper Method.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how Happy Birthday goes. Three of my students all called upon this familiar song that they knew in their heads. By listening to themselves sing it, they were able to figure out where the pitches were and play it on the piano.  Not a big deal, you say?

Well, imagine. There are countless melodies out there in the universe. On the radio, the web. Some of your own that you haven’t even composed yet.

What if you could just really change the way you listen to music and then play ANY melody you can think of? These students ranged from 8 to 20, so anyone can do this. You connect the idea to your voice and your voice to the keyboard and BAM! There it is!

You should have seen the look on their faces (and mine!) as they hit the last note. They are well on the way to just being able to play anything by ear!  Good work Erica, Sophia and Diana!

So try this yourself. Just actively listen to any melody you can think of. Then find the notes on the piano. You can ask these two questions to help you find the notes:

Is the note I am playing higher or lower than the note I am singing?

By how much?

This song we started on Middle C. Try starting it there.

Have fun!

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