Some testimonials on learning music

I have been singing a long time but Randy helped me to look at my both playing and my voice in a whole different way. We made a great record together.   Trevor N.

Randy taught me how to play better from the first day we met. We are getting deeper into theory and I write my own charts now. It has been a blast the whole time.   Steve K.

My biggest thanks goes to you for mentoring, caring for and guiding my son during his young adult days. You are a very powerful figure in his life, and for this I am most grateful.    Lynn M.

I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from Randy to express myself and create my own music. In fact, I am now a film composer.    Ryan S.

Randy has worked with my partner and I for 15 years. He took our melodies, arranged them, and turned them into songs that were actually singable.  Watching Randy run a rehearsal and teach people songs is a sight to behold. He makes it happen quickly and efficiently, and we always have fun.

In all sincerity, I consider Randy to be the most talented musician I’ve ever known.  He is a great teacher, even of inexperienced adults, and fun to work with.  A winning combination all the way around.    John B.

Randy brings a unique combination of strengths to music instruction. He’s a classically-trained musician with a talent for improvisation, and has spent years arranging jazz and pop charts. Besides teaching kids and adults in both formal and informal settings, he has decades of experience in studio engineering and production, which has allowed him to hone his skills at “real-world” musical instruction — giving musicians and singers in-the-booth skills which they can immediately translate into successful recordings, and which they can then go home and practice.

Randy understands both the theory behind the instruction and how students can quickly integrate these theories to become better musicians. Plus, he makes the whole process fun to learn. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a music instructor on any level — beginner through graduate.   Steve K.

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