Wish you could PLAY BY EAR? it’s not too late!

  • Are you frustrated because you are full of music but can’t express it?

  • Don’t you wish you or your child could just sit down and play?

Learning music should be FUN! It’s just not that big a deal! This is a unique approach that really WORKS.

You know, when we were children, we learned to speak before we learned to write. So we do the same for music. We play first and enjoy it.

My only job is to make sure you are having fun. Then you’ll do the rest!

  • Learn at YOUR speed!
  • Whether you’re 4 years old or 84, have FUN from the start!
  • Play by ear using The Semper Method: Take piano lessons from a pro.
  • Get some coaching for your voice.
  • Improve your songwriting skills.
  • A safe, professional studio in Beverly Hills and in Troy or at your home.
  • Flexible scheduling.

Whether you once took piano or voice lessons or are just starting out, this will forever change how you listen to and play music! You will focus on achieving your personal best rather than competing.

If, from day one you learn to listen, and play by ear, you will have a lifetime of enjoyment from it. You won’t be tied to a sheet of  music in order to express the music inside you.

That said, when you learn to read and write music, you’ll be far ahead of those who don’t. You will be able to capture your own musical ideas, communicate your ideas with other musicians and play tremendous music by other people: classical, rock, standards or anything at all.

This is music education customized to the individual student since 1971.
Our goal for you? Just sit down and play. Or sing. For yourself, for others, for the fun of it!

My credentials?

  • Royal Conservatory of Toronto
  • Queens University Music Ed courses
  • Professional musician and teacher my whole life
  • Toured nationally with Motown acts
  • Session musician, producer, musical director
  • Performed music around the world
  • and….I love to teach.

Letters of reference available upon request.

Come on, it’s just not that big a deal! You must be here for a reason!

Just call us and see if we’re a good fit. (248) 561-5176

Student Recordings

Nothing helps motivate students like great recordings of their work. Find out about our amazing studio here.

Technology we Use

We use all kinds of modern tools to help your on your path. Apps for smart phones that help you tune your voice, play in time and improve faster than you ever thought possible. We create and email you custom-recorded MP3s to for you to play and sing along with. We record you at several levels: with smartphones for reference and with with professional gear to document your progress.

The Big Picture: Goals for the Professional Musician and the Hobbyist

Although a percentage of students will become a concert pianist or symphony member, there are a multitude of other ways to become involved with music. If you choose to make music your profession, this provides another demanding set of parameters. If you make it your hobby, it’s a different story. We inform students of the choices available so that they may choose wisely.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be gifted? In fact… It turns out that choices lead to habits. Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts. You’re not born this way, you get this way.”

~ Seth Godin


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