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Song and Spirit

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Are you ever just amazed at how much hostility the religions of the world have shown each other over the ages? So much blood has been spilled over whose God is better that it defies any explanation, from the head or from the heart.

There seems to be a chasm of infinite depth between the true spirituality of the seeker and the organized politics of what has come to be known as religion.

In any event, two exceptional men of my acquaintance have developed a really fine project called Song and Spirit.

It is a humble jaunt into the ether of the interfaith.

A Franciscan monk and a Jewish Maggid (storyteller), hanging out, singing songs and telling stories. Pretty darned peaceful. Some Tibetan bowls set the mood nicely.

Their site is You may find it quite interesting.

Sign up for their email list or invite them to open some hearts at a place near you.

If you’ve never heard The Lord’s Prayer sung in Hebrew or a Muslim prayer sung by a Catholic and Jewish duet, this is your chance. I think it’s such a fine idea. That’s why I play keyboards with them.

I found tears on my face through much of their first performance a few weeks ago and I really can’t say why. Good tears, though.