Video & Audio Production in Detroit – Since 1984


Semper Media and production partner Orange Dragin bring you a complete production solution.

What do you need right now? 

  • Professional video production: on location or in our studio
  • Green screen shooting
  • Good questions from us to ensure success
  • Guidance as to what level of production you really need
  • Editing of existing footage
  • Fast upload of raw files to your editor
  • Development of your original idea, carefully copyrighted
  • A sizzle reel to pitch to a major network
  • Something else?

Call (248) 561-5176. We will ask you questions to discover your biggest concerns and make sure that we are shooting the right video for you. We will not start production until we both agree on what is the very best solution: one that addresses your biggest concerns and fits your budget.

  • What is the end use of the piece?
  • What is the best format to shoot in for your budget and delivery needs?
  • What kind of budget do you have set aside for this project?
  • What is your timeline for delivery?
  • Would it make sense to work in phases to allow you to put in place what you need right now and not have to re-do it later?

Give us a call and let’s see if we are a good fit.

Semper Media Group is a proud partner of Orange Dragin Productions LLC.

Video Production Services include:

  1. Content Development
  2. Sizzle reels
  3. Green Screen studio
  4. Location scouting
  5. Pre-production, including consulting on how this project fits into your Big Picture
  6. Script-writing
  7. Storyboards
  8. Lighting services
  9. Complete equipment rentals
  10. Direction
  11. Talent services
  12. Location and studio shooting
  13. Digital editing, effects and animation with fast workstations
  14. Teleprompter services
  15. Complete audio, voiceover and music services

Green Screen

Our green screen is pre-lit and measures 20’ across by 14’ high – large enough for a full-body shot of several actors or a band performance. The studio room size is approximately 40’ by 40’ with 16’ trussed ceilings.

A full complement of lighting is on set. Lighting for the green screen is included in our fees. High definition formats are always used for green screen shooting to obtain the resolution needed for pristine post-production.


Fabulous lighting is the great secret to every professional-looking video project. Our Lighting Director, Clyde Stringer, is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in all types of lighting applications.


Our production staff have all worked with us a long time and are accountable at the highest level. They are some of the most highly skilled individuals at their craft. We have long ago earned each other’s trust and confidence.

The Business of Production

For larger projects, we prepare a Scope of Work and attach it to a Media Production Contract with milestones for completion, a clear timeline for delivery and clear deliverables. No surprises is our goal. If you decide to expand upon the Scope of Work, we will prepare a Change Order that outlines the additional work to be done, the cost of this work and its effect on your overall timeline.

Music Production / Recording Services

What are you looking for right now?

  • Studio or location audio recording
  • Music video
  • Music producer
  • Student performance recordings
  • Learn to play by ear!
  • Voiceovers, voiceover demos
  • Music supervisor
  • Scoring for video and film
  • Audio post for film & video
  • Sound design
  • Music for your lyrics
  • Studio musicians
  • Original music composition
  • Music publishing
  • Production of music education or children’s books
  • Lyricist
  • An understanding of how to really protect the copyrights in your work

Maybe we should be talking. Call us at (248) 561-5176.

Semper Media Group has been producing audio for more than 25 years. We have the ears and experience to make music out of electricity and your creative ideas. We have produced styles of music that include R&B, spoken word, pop, rock, jazz, classical, ethnic music, choirs on location and nature recordings. (Sorry: no violent, discriminatory or abusive lyrics or projects will be considered. We produce positive content.)

Audio for video projects

We specialize in audio for video; our vision includes the elements of audio and video as partners not opponents.

We are a BMI music publishing company and have an extensive library of never-before-heard material to compliment your video project.

Recording space

The Semper studio has a tremendous live-sounding acoustic space with 16’ ceilings acoustic ceiling and a thick theatrical drape. It is a complete cocoon  completely set up for beautiful live digital recording. Our staff make post-production work a breeze.

Disaster Planning

While we cannot prevent fire-flood and acts of God, we do have a system to keep your project safe while it is in our care. If some event befalls your principal contact at Semper Media, your files and data will be handed to another Project Manager who can take over the work after being briefed on the project.

Data Backup

Throughout the time we are working on your project, we maintain data backup on and offsite to prevent any loss of data. Our facility is alarmed and fully insured.

Ethics Policy

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who, in our opinion, is creating content that is racist or discriminatory in any way, is excessively violent or abusive to humanity or life in any form. We seek to make the world a better place with our work and we wish to serve clients who have positive life and business goals.

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