Web Development That’s Sensible

Is your website doing its job? Better yet, have you even given it a job? You should have reasonable goals for your website, and the site should be designed by a professional from the ground up to meet those goals. Maybe your site “looks pretty”, but if it isn’t getting the job done, maybe we should be talking. (248) 561-5176

People, not search engines

Many web developers will sell you on shady “search engine optimization” services designed to trick Google, Yahoo, etc. to highly rank your website. But then what? Is Google buying your product? Is Yahoo registering for your service? No.

Your websites should be built for people; it needs don’t-make-me-think usability. Google’s job is to show people what they want to find, not to evaluate the web based on a mystical standard. Make your site awesome, focused, and usable, and the search engines will naturally reward you.

Analytics, not raw numbers

We track and competently analyze the traffic your site receives. We manage ad campaigns and track return on investment.

We don’t do 20-page reports full of numbers you don’t understand; we give succinct analysis that values your time and make clear recommendations.

Social media strategy

Genuine, well-planned social media activities can enhance your website and Internet authority. We can show you how to add value to the conversation that will in turn bring you long-term rewards.

Forward-looking web design

By designing with web standards, we craft web sites that won’t be outdated next year. We constantly study trends in web technologies to make sure we are delivering the most current and professional product.

Central to your media plan

Your website should be your crown jewel no matter what business you are in. Where will your ads send people for more information? When people find your video on YouTube, where will they go next? Your website.

If your website is “just good enough”, then it isn’t working for you. Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can get your online presence back on track.

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